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Flight information display is an important function to ensure the efficient passenger flow in the airport. It provides real-time and accurate flight information to the public, passengers and airport users. A virtual version of Flight Information Display System (FIDS) can also be found in our Macau International Airport website and applications (MIA FIDS APPS) is available in both Android and IOS Market. 


FIDS is a computer system used in airport to display dynamic flight information to passengers, in which a computer system controls the display monitors to display arrivals/ departure flight information in real-time and occasionally display special announcements to our passengers. FIDS is used to assist passengers during air travel and people who want to pick up passengers after the flight.


AIMS as the main maintenance operator has provided flight information display in all designated areas in the airdrome and other remote sites, displaying accurate flight information around the clock. Our service has provided passengers the right time to proceed to their flight, making their journey smoother and more enjoyable. 


The system has been very efficient and stable in Macau International Airport for many years and plays an important role in the airport operation management and travel industry.

Airport Operation Database (AODB) is the heart of an efficient airport as it contains all the essential data of the airport daily operation.


AIMS provides the Airport Operation Data Base (AODB) system that collects, processes, stores and analyzes the airport operation data and flight information. It feeds data to the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) and provides resources management tool needed by airport operators. 


Key Features

●  User Friendly GUI for schedule input and update

●  Real time updates of the latest flight movement

●  Graphical Airport Resource Management tool

●  Airport performance analysis tool

Software development is based on user requirements to create a software system. AIMS have a team of professional specialist that follows user's requirements to provide professional analysis, design, and development to achieve customer demand.


AIMS software development team is responsible for Macau International Airport on the related operational units in the following areas: 

      - Office software system

      - Internal management systems

      - E-commerce systems software development

We have received high praise by the users. Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) has awarded AIMS achievement award in 2015, for the outstanding performance in the area of technical innovation and collaborative professionalism.


Our Software development products:

●  Macau International Airport E-tender system

●  Macau International Airport Progress Tracking System

●  Macau International Airport Document system

●  Office Automation Management system


Our Application development products:

●   Macau International Airport Apps design and development

●   Macau International Airport wechat design and development 

●   E-card design and development

●  Promotion video design and development 

●   Route map video design and development


Our Website design products:

●   Macau International Airport Official Website   

●   Macau International Airport Company Limited (CAM) Corporate Website

●   Administration of Airports Ltd. (ADA) Corporate website

●   SEMAC Security Company Website

●   IMAC Website

●   Macau International Airport 20th Anniversary Celebration Website 

●   CPCSAS Website(s)

●   Macau International Airport Ebiz Website

●   Macau International Airport Mobile Website

In the age of the Internet, the popularity of social networking has rapidly increased over the past few years and becoming a trend to our customers. AIMS have a team of specialist to provide social media promotion, technical and maintenance support. We use professional skill and Promotion schemes to draw user's attention to our new products and services.


Success case:

●   Development & maintenance of Macau International Airport Ebiz in Facebook

●   Development & maintenance of Macau International Airport Ebiz in Wechat

●   Development & maintenance of Macau International Airport Ebiz in LINE

●   Development & maintenance of Macau International Airport Ebiz in Sina Weibo

E-commerce has become a mainstream business platform, AIMS not only develop e-commerce platform, and we also provides e-commerce service operation platform (with online instant payment gateway service), management, accounting and maintenance service that provide our customers with comprehensive and professional services to ease their mind.


Success case:

●  Airport E-business platform 

●  Flight ticket query and booking system

●  Airport Meet and Greets services booking system

●  Airport Express link services booking system

●  Airport Lounge services booking system

●  Airport Limousine Services booking system

●  Airport Duty free product order system

●  V Mall online shopping system

●  Macau Airline promotion page

●  Macau International Airport V Terminal mobile website 

●  Luggage Delivery Services booking system 


Project management is combined with specialized knowledge, discipline of initiating, planning, executing and closing the work of team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. AIMS is proud to have a team of specialists taking the challenge to achieve all aspects of the project goals in a timely manner.