Safety Report
Safety Report

Online Voluntary Safety Reporting Form

Safety Concern

Please fully describe the safety concern as detail as possible
Likely: Likely to reoccur or to occur several times in a year
Possibly reoccur or to occur at least once a year
Unlikely: Very unlikely to reoccur or occur
Fatal Accident: Results in a serious accident or incident with fatalities
Serious Incident: Results in a Serious Incident (without fatalities)
Negligible: Results in minor incident

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To promote the safety management, we are encouraging all staffs, visitors, business partners or other personnel from airport stakeholders to report voluntarily any Accidents/incidents occurred, safety hazard, potential risk, non-compliance and violations, safety concerns to safety Management Committee of AIMS.

A Just Safety Culture is adopted to create a non-punitive environment. Safety Reports could be anonymous at the discretion of reporters. All information collected shall be used to enhance safety only.

If you require feedback from us, please let us have your name, contact phone number and contact email ("Personal Data") when making a hazard report. We will only use your Personal Data for communication with you. If you do not provide your Personal Data we will not be able to contact you.