Airport History

Macau International Airport commenced operation in November 1995 and MIA Official opening on 8 Dec 1995. Since then, it has rapidly established itself as a vital link between the Pearl River Delta, the fastest growing economic region in the world, and the rest of the world. Macau's hinterland is Zhuhai, one of China's Special Economic Zones, and a regional manufacturing powerhouse. With well-established and efficient direct land and sea links to neighbouring regions, Macau International Airport is ideally positioned as ahub for freight and express cargo in the Asia-Pacific.


Macau International Airport is a fully functional 24-hour airport. An 11,000-foot ILS CAT II equipped runway, constructed in strict accordance with ICAO standards, is capable of handling long haul flights. 


Macau International Airport is presently operating under capacity. The airport is not congested and has ample excess capacity for future expansion. In anticipation of its future role as an Asian entertainment and convention centre, Macau is forging new air services agreements with regional and intercontinental destinations in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, America, and Southern Africa. As a preferred entry point to the vast China market, Macau's 24-hour airport offers passenger and cargo airlines, travel organizations, and the airfreight industry a convenient and flexible alternative to the region's increasingly congested international airports.